Welcome to EFW Consulting, LLC!

I’m Elizabeth Fiorentino Williams, the heart behind EFW Consulting, LLC. Here, we cater to two passions: empowering your wellness journey and simplifying your tech challenges. Whether you’re diving into health goals or navigating the digital world, I offer tailored guidance for each distinct path.

Your Journey, Amplified

From the heart of North Carolina to anywhere in the world, I'm here with a strategy and a smile, ready to guide you on your unique journey.

A Tale of Evolution and Passion

Starting in 1999 with Naturally Complete of NC, my passion for wellness has grown alongside the digital age. Now, EFW Consulting stands at the crossroads of health and technology, ready to offer tailored solutions for both aspects of your life, under one roof.

What We Do

We believe in connection – to health, to technology, and to each other. Looking to improve your wellness, tackle the tech world, or boost your business? I'm here to craft your story into solutions that shine.

Beyond the Consultation

When not weaving wellness and tech magic, you'll find me in my garden, cherishing family time, or embracing new learnings.

Let's Create Magic Together

Your dreams are our mission. Together, we'll explore the realms of possibility, transforming your vision into reality. Ready for an extraordinary journey?

Embrace the Adventure

Life is a rich tapestry waiting for us to add our unique colors. Let's craft a masterpiece together.

Connect with Me!

Big dreams on the horizon? Reach out and let's make those dreams a vibrant reality.


PO Box 16125, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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